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This project has received federal funding as one of the State of Florida's economic stimulus projects. The economic stimulus legislation was passed by Congress and signed into law on February 17, 2009. This funding was provided to bolster the employment of South Florida residents on a variety of transportation projects.

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Stimulus Funds at Work

Rick Smithey had worked various positions for a construction company working his way up to Division Manager. For eight years, he had done everything he was asked to do, even relocating to Georgia with his wife. But, when work began to dry up, he found himself unemployed and unsure of his future. He contacted friends in the construction field and after two months, was recently brought on board the 826-836 Interchange project team as a Foreman. Living back in South Florida, Rick now oversees the onsite casting yard operations where concrete pile, beams and retaining walls are been constructed for use on the project.



This project was procured as a Design/Build/Finance (DBF) project. Funding for this project includes $277 Million from FDOT, $196.5 Million from MDX and $87 Million in Federal Stimulus Funds. The funds are programmed throughout the FDOT's Adopted Five Year Work Program with MDX's funds stretching to FY 2017. The DBF team will design and construct the project over a five year period and receive payment as funds become available per the Department's work program.

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